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Villem Jahu, Triinu Jürves, Kaarel Kütas
Villem Jahu
Triinu Jürves
Kaarel Kütas

Multidisciplinary mediums

The cooperation between Triinu Jürves, Villem Jahu and Kaarel Kütas has lasted for more than ten years

Villem Jahu is a freelance artist whose main medium is sound expressed as installations or experimental music. In his works, he uses built-in synthesizers, signal converters and other electronic instruments.

Villem Jahu is one of the founding members of the art group --> Arrowgroup 


 --> Arrowgroup is a creative ensemble of Triinu Jürves and Villem Jahu, operating since 2004.


The group's exhibitions and works are mostly installation environments and objects. Their creations are well-composed spaces with a clean and clear image that interact with or relate to the public space. Humour, language games, references to pop culture and art history are very familiar to --> Arrowgroup. 

Kaarel Kütas is a versatile artist whose main field of activity is performance, but his creative expressions can also result in sculptures, installations, paintings, graphics, video work or music.


The focus of his works is socially sharp and concerns topical problems. On the other hand, his works can be also bright and make viewers smile.


Kaarel Kütas is one of the curators of the Metropol 6m2 gallery. 

Thread with no name


You are in the surroundings of the former Tammiku manor. The installation in the landscape coagulates with red thread the temporal, architectural, every day and cognitive strata located on the territory of Tammiku manor, which exists close to each other, but despite left hanging separately in an ambivalent space of thought.

This nameless line can symbolically help against getting lost, provide magical protection, mark paths and borders, or simply give hope that linking different layers is possible.

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