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Elina Simonen
Elina Simonen "Everyone has light in them"

Fashion and portrait photographer

Elina Simonen is a Finnish fashion and portrait photographer who has an eye for bringing out
the beauty in her subjects.
Simonen combines high work ethic and commitment for delivery with a sensitivity to what is special in her subject.

An sincere soul searcher with a strong professional work ethic and commitment for delivery,
Simonen’s strength lies in staying sensitive and being present to the person she is

”Everyone has a light in them”, she says, ”and my task is to be present, give the subject the
comfort and space they need, and help that light shine in the photograph.”


You are in front of the main building of Kohila paper factory. You can witness here an extraordinary photo panel that presents portraits of former employees of the Kohila paper factory. The local community came up with the idea to capture the people who worked in the factory, to save their stories. A suitable artist was found in the area nearby.


Elina Simonen, an internationally renowned Finnish photographer, who has spent her summer vacations for ten years now in Vilivere, was embraced the idea immediately. With her open-minded and creative approach, she captures the beauty of people and their lived lives through a photo lens and makes them shine. 


In the project, participated the followings former employees of Kohila paper factory: Ants Kummer, Rita Luukas, Olga Tsemina, Lea Seeder, Heljo Heinmäe, Silvi Kerno, Vasja Pritśin, Õie Eller, Veera Pärn, Ene Kokk.

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