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Michele Seffino
Michele Seffino
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Composer and sound artist

Michele Seffino is a composer and sound artist, working primarily on sound installations and time-based art. In the last few years, he has focused on the relationship between sound, natural elements, technology and the domestic environment.


His commitment and greatest interest are mainly addressed to the development of greater attention towards the sound in general and natural and artificial soundscapes in which we are constantly immersed and from which we are inevitably surrounded.


The process of merging several elements with the sonic one is allowed and facilitated by the use of new technologies (single-board computers, sensors, augmented reality).


Although he is fascinated by technology she considers it always and only as a tool to achieve aesthetic results. According to Seffino, it must never become the final goal itself but used only for the artistic purpose.


The work is a sound simulation and reproduction of animal life using digital signal
processing. All the sounds and songs of birds and insects are generated by an
algorithm that produces sound through particular methods of sound synthesis. The
work is powered by the solar panel, thus following the day/night cycle and gaining a
natural behaviour. It stimulates a reflection about the present and the future of the
human community with its social values and the coexistence in the same
environment of human beings and nature.


NB! This installation is powered by the sun. Therefore the work will be off in the
evenings/nights or during heavily cloudy or rainy days. On sunny days, the work will
be on for 5 minutes and off for the following 15 minutes, in a cyclic behavior.

Michele Seffino "Insecta & Aves", photo by A. Zvorovski
Michele Seffino "Insecta & Aves" device, photo by A. Zvorovski
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