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Sacred space

Karina Talts & Stefano Mattozzi
26.08.2023 at 12:00 o' clock
TAKKK Art Center

SACRED SPACE is a collaborative project that explores the fields of creation and destruction, combining two different creative media, sound and movement. 
Karina Talts is a healer and dancer with Estonian roots, Stefano Matozzi is a sound artist and composer from Naples. Together they travel in an oscillating maze looking for sounds, vibrations, energies and meanings with playful ease, curiosity and surrender.

We humans give meanings to trees and rocks, landscapes and houses, things and creatures. Some things are trivial to us. Others are important. We consider the most important things to be sacred. 
Sacred spaces can be outside us as well as inside. Some people destroy holy things: they cut down old trees, pry out sacred stones, pollute sacred waters.
The sages have said: in their pure being, trees are nothing, they cannot become anything. They ARE. And in their being they are mighty.

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Vägi ongi püha

Hasso Krull
26.08.2023 at 13:00 o'clock
TAKKK Art Center


The topic of the discussion is emotional thinking and the main question is whether an object can exist without feelings associated with it.

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Circle -  a masterclass on movement and sound

Karina Talts & Stefano Mattozzi
26.08.2023 at 14:30-16.30 o'clock
TAKKK Art Center

According to Chinese cosmogony and consequently also medicine, energies move circularly in the universe. Circle is the most perfect movement because it connects the beginning with the end. With a circle, the end returns to the beginning, which characterizes the law of constant change or persistence, which is the foundation of Taoist and Buddhist thought. All things are born, grow, and die, but death is simply the beginning of a new cycle. Everything is in constant movement.

In the master class, we deal with the energetic and vibrating properties of sounds and movement. In terms of movement, we look at movements in different directions based on the theory of the five phases of Chinese philosophy. Qi dance is based on such Eastern practices as medical qigong and taiji. We learn to use the body's natural alignments that follow energy pathways and directions. We go through the movements of all five phase types: WOOD; FIRE; EARTH; METAL AND WATER. We learn to focus and contract as well to
let go and relax. The movement session is led by Karina Talts, supported by Stefano Mattozzi with sounds.


The sound master class is conducted by Stefano Mattozzi. It's about tuning into the world of listening and freeing ourselves from the pressures and expectations we carry, not just for ourselves but also towards others. We'll embark on a journey of self-discovery, learning to reconnect with our inner selves while staying attuned
to the beautiful symphony that surrounds us—the people around us, the environment, and even moments of silence.
Through a playful approach we'll embrace, breaking free from the usual roles we assign ourselves. Imagine exploring these roles without relying on our vision, just using our ears to guide us. Discovering a whole new dimension of ourselves and others becomes a delightful surprise, enabling us to also learn to appreciate what we expect from others for what it truly is, no judgments, just understanding.
As we immerse ourselves in the soundscape of life, we are able to find harmony with nature and a deeper connection with our own selves, uncovering hidden layers of the world that we often overlook : the intricate details only our hearing can reveal.

To participate in the master class, wear clothes that allow comfortable movement. Bring your own invigorating drink, some light food (if you come for the whole day and want to take part in the performance SACRED PLACE and the discussion on the same topic).

Contribution up to 20 euros.

Please indicate your participation by registering:

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Vägi ongi püha
Meistriklass RING
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