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Dobi č ins


Ansis Dobičins works with materials and themes what possesses social or industrial symbolic.


He uses materials and objects which are rich in associations and establishes artistic view on the world and society represented trough metaphoric installations and sculptures.

He is eager to research differences between places, the origin, cause and effect of them, as interactions between our surroundings. Moreover, he is interested in how locus correlates with our consciousness, the beginning of reason, mythology, characteristic etc.


In his sculptures, he reconstructs different environments to recreate feelings and memories of them as he perceives his.

Ansis. muna . foto by Haas
Takkk opening, Annika Haas.jpg


You are in a former bosky gravel pit. As time passes things that people made for reason have changed meaning and role in the collective memory surrounding them. Also, mythic assumptions about them are to thrive. The idea was to create egg-shaped sculptures in gravel and limestone pits in Tammiku, as the pits already remind us of nests of unknown creatures, who have left, leaving behind eggs of mythic future.

An egg is a symbol of renewal. Here it symbolizes the past and unfolded futures of Tammiku, questioning to whom it was left and what we are supposed to do with heritage - to save, to eliminate or to ignore. Artwork plays with uncertainty of present time, provoking us to think and decide what is our role of today and the future.

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