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Elena Redaelli
Elena Redaelli "Years of Paper"
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Researcher and nomadic creator

Her practice lays on the sculpture and installation created through a deep relationship with a place (environmental art) and society (participatory, socially engaged projects).


In her projects, she explores matter, transformation, processes of generation and decay involving different levels of control and challenging the boundaries of authorship and active intervention. Sometimes the material takes the lead, other times the participants or the environment itself does, resulting in a constant process of transformation, improvisation and exchange.


The act of art-making is an interrogative process within a new environment and her way to get closer to new cultures and people.


Kohila's old paper factory speaks to us through the memories associated with it: open dialogue between humans, architecture and material.


Paper, in its place of production, is charged with several layers of meaning:

it carries private, social, economic and political aspects. In the installation, wasted paper (some of those dating back to 1920’ and were donated by the local community) metaphorically replaces the paper that was made in the factory, allowing for a conceptual bridge to the past. By using wasted paper the installation addresses environmental themes like overconsumption and overproduction of goods in our society.

Elena Redaelli "Years of Paper"
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