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Elo Liiv

Sculptor and teacher

Elo Liiv is a sculptor and teacher, whose creation is characterized by versatility, installability and experimentation, and skilful use of public space while creating a shift by composing with visuals and light. Her works reflect world-views and social and environmental issues. Liiv is interested in the relations between the whole world, the patterns that have evolved from them and are renewing every moment. It is like a breathing rhythm or pulsation.

Elo Liiv has performed her installations and sculptures in several exhibitions for more than 30 years. She is the author of several Estonian monuments. The most famous is the Monument to Jaan Poska in Kadriorg, the Monument to the victims of World War II in Kärdla and the Monument to Kalju Lepik in Koeru.

Liiv has organized several light festivals in Estonia as the main organizer or curator to promote lighting edication and art. 

In 2020-2022, Elo Liiv is curating the TAKKK Environmental Art Symposium “Interruption. Creation and Loss of Landscapes ”.

Elo Liiv is a member of the Estonian Association of Artists and Sculptors since 1995. In 2021, she was awarded the Kristjan Raud Art Award. 

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