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Eveli Varik

Photo-graphic and installation artist, space designer, designer and curator

Eveli Varik graduated from the graphic arts department of the Estonian Academy of Arts.

Her creations are spatially sensitive, analytical and have a social message. She has gained recognition

as an interior and object designer. 

She worked at Rakvere Theater for 9 years as a main artist and gallerist.


Eveli has been creating large-format nude photos and large-scale installations in public spaces for many years.


Varik does not stick to only one theme in her work, her thoughts and visions change over time, but a certain aesthetic approach in her art is always recognizable.

In recent years she has moved her artwork more and more out from the gallery spaces and making it more site-specific, where it can speak to their audience in the public space and natural environment.

Eveli Varik

06.07-25.08.24 in the TAKKK Art Center

I-KOON is a flashback to generations ago - a tribute to women.

Life-sized icons, unreal and strange, are important symbols and draw attention to certain necessary liberation processes in life. It is a long journey through the path of life back to the theme of holiness.

I_KOON Eveli Varik.jpg
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