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Lilli Jahilo




Fashion designer

Lilli Jahilo focuses on dresses that are designed to empower the modern woman, with all garments produced responsibly. Each Lilli Jahilo dress is handcrafted from the highest quality materials with great precision and minimal waste.


Environmentally responsible  production as well as local employment is self-evident for her. All garments are custom-produced in-house by top professionals who are legally employed on an equal rights basis. 

Lilli Jahilo has been awarded with the Best Fashion Designer of the Year Award Kuldnõel in 2016 as well as the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Swedish Business Awards in 2011 amongst others.

Lilli Jahilo installatsioon Kohila pesuk
Lilli Jahilo "Vasja and Vera"


I am entering the laundry room of the paper factory of Kohila. A canvas bag floats on the ground, dirty work gloves on the table, a greasy coat and worn out jackets hanging on a nail in the wall. It feels like I'm in a time capsule, where everything has been left exactly as it was when the factory closed. I'm excited and inspired. I'd like to enter this time machine and open the soul of the clothes laying around. Peek through clothes into a world I have seen but not experienced. I recreate the experience that employees felt while working in the factory, which started the development of the settlement where I grew up as a child.


The exhibition is located in the laundry room of the Kohila paper factory. The clothes hanging on the walls, revive memories and create new perspectives. The room opens up to the viewer just as employees left it after closing the factory. A padded jacket, shirts, jackets, a bag - recreated from contemporary materials and with a personal designer-aesthetic in mind, technically mimicking the original pieces as much as possible. In this way, the artist creates a material bridge between past times and the present. 


Exhibit materials:

*Fufaika / Vatnik / Padded jacket: mohair boucle, recycled down insulation, thermal lining.

*Jackets: silk blend faille; cotton denim.

*Shirts: organic cotton; ethically produced cotton; recycled cotton blend.

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