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TAKKK symposium 2024 event

Tammiku I-KOON.jpg

Eveli Varik
Opening 06.07.24 at 15:00-17:00
TAKKK Art Center

I-KOON is a flashback to generations ago - a tribute to women.

Life-sized icons, unreal and strange, are important symbols and draw attention to certain necessary liberation processes in life. It is a long journey through the path of life back to the theme of holiness.

paberportselani meistriklass_margit terasmees.jpg
Paper porcelain master class
"Soil & Moss I and II"

Margit Terasmees
28.04.2024 at 10:00-15:00  and 05.05.2024 at 12:00-15:00 
TAKKK Art Center

In the master class "Soil & Moss I, II" we use sensitive, delicate and layered paper porcelain, we breathe in the rhythm of nature and become aware of the environment where systems, communities and synergy are important.


We give shape and form to the material by getting inspiration from the mystical rhythms of the mosses and soil cover as if it was paper porcelain's natural body.

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