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TAKKK Symposium

Introduces the possibilities of environmental art and its ability to describe

the relationship between man and the environment.

The artworks of the TAKKK symposium offer the audience an opportunity to (re)learn, remember and appreciate the history of the region and to be part of the revitalization of industrial landscapes.

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TAKKK23 invites you to participate and think along to the topics: relationship between place and person. We explore the connection between space and sacredness - sacred places can be both outside of us and inside of us.

püha paik.jpg

26.08 at 12:00

"Sacred space"

Karina Talts, Stefano Mattozzi/ TAKKK Art Center

visuaal püha paik, arutelu.jpg

26.08 at 13:00

"Vägi ongi püha"

Hasso Krull / TAKKK Art Center

meistrikl. RING.jpeg

26.08 at 14:30-16:30

"CIRCLE" - master class on movement and sound

Karina Talts & Stefano Mattozzi

TAKKK Art Center 


A map of TAKKK22 symposium installation locations



Stefano Mattozzi

Sound artist, electronic composer, improviser and performer.

Stefano Mattozzi studied under the guidance of Elio Martusciello at the Conservatory of Music of Naples, where he completed the master in Electronic Music in 2020.

Karina Talts

Chinese medicine therapist, Ph.Dposition

Karina Talts has studied Swedish philology and theatre theory at the University of Tartu. Her doctoral studies were cut short by health issues, which however spurred her on to explore Chinese medicine and Eastern practices.

hasso krull by gabriela urm.jpg
Hasso Krull

Writer and thinker

Hasso Krull is most interested about myths and trickster stories. In his opinion, the understanding of Estonian mythology starts from the moment when it is understood that Kalevipoeg and Old Pagan are one and the same person.

Stefano Mattozzi
Hasso Krull

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