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Villu Plink
Indrek Mikk
Kristjan Sisa
Margit Mikk

Multidisciplinary mediums

Grupeeringu Inimesed vaatavad merele inst

Group "People looking at the sea" was created in 2002.


The main idea behind their work is to look for an answer on how to be a human staying in harmony with nature, and how to find happiness sustainably and responsibly.


In their work, they use knowledge and experience from pedagogy, architecture, ecology, materials science, design, sound art, and visual arts.


The group values acting in a way that leaves the lowest possible ecological footprint.

takkk  sy opening Annika Haas.jpg


You are in the surroundings of the former Tammiku manor. The interactive sound installation depicts the connections between Earth and Sky, the underground and upper spheres, between the human, temporal, spatial point of view of the present moment and the timeless / universal.

In the creative process, an important issue is being human and its relation to the social and ecological environment. An important input is the perception of the environment and the social component as its mediator. In order to find a human happiness and / or joy in creation, it is necessary to consider what we offer or take from the environment (incl. the social environment).

How to find a balance?

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