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The TAKKK Environmental Art Symposium introduces the possibilities and ability of environmental art to describe the relationship between the human and the environment.

During the symposium Estonian, German and Turkish artists will create works inspired by the former industrial buildings and other man-made structures of the Kohila and Tammiku area.


Their installations will be exhibited in local industrial landscapes that require marking and attention.

The TAKKK Environmental Art Symposium provides the audience with an opportunity to (re)learn, (re)remember and value the history of the region, and participate in the revitalization of the former industrial landscapes.

QI_STILL_1.20.8 (002).jpg

27.07 at 12:00

"I am nature"

Qi dance master class

Karina Laurits / Tammiku Manor

Elo Liiv kronoeidoskoop 2022.JPG

28.08 at 12:00

TAKKK Symposium Guided Tour



A map of TAKKK symposium installation locations

The exhibition is open 29.07-30.08.22 in Tammiku and Kohila

Elo Liiv
Do abandoned places remember people?

There is nothing eternal in this world. All life is in constant motion, at the mercy of life and death. This also applies to man-made landscapes and sites as well as layers of relationships and memories attached to them. Once centers of life, areas of cultural and environmetal value, production buildings, meeting points and road networks – everything disconnects, fades away, is forgotten and grown over after a certain number of breaths in history. Memories and (sites of) memory keep on flickering for a moment like halos of stellar explosions before dying away. Name is the last to disappear.




Curator Elo Liiv


Liisa Hirsch

Contemporary music composer

Liisa Hirsch is a contemporary music composer who works with various forms from orchestral music to dance and film music. His music is characterized by a sensitivity to the colors of sound, a focus on sound, as well as a load-bearing structure and purity of form.

Liisa residentuur tammikul 22.jpg
Serkan Demir

Sculptor and a teaching fellow

Serkan Demir is a sculptor and a teaching fellow at Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University Faculty of Fine Arts in Bolu. Opting for diverse exhibition practices such as installations, moving constructions and small sculptures, the artist describes his work as texts of ‘visual investigation’.

Roger Rigorth


Wherever Roger Rigorth finds himself in the tension of modern civilisation and environment, he is using his artistic ability's to get reconnected and resourced to natural processes.

Elo Liiv

Sculptor and teacher

Elo Liiv is a sculptor and teacher, whose creation is characterized by versatility, installability and experimentation, and skilful use of public space while creating a shift by composing with visuals and light. 

Karina Laurits

Chinese medicine therapist, dancer

Karina Laurits has studied Swedish philology and theatre theory at the University of Tartu. Her doctoral studies were cut short by health issues, which however spurred her on to explore Chinese medicine and Eastern practices.

Liisa Hirsch

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